Friday, January 6, 2012

Post-Holiday Blues

1-4) New Year's Eve feast at our house.
5) Urban Outfitter's clutch and cross earrings. "Orna-Ment for Each Other" Nicole by OPI. Post-holiday sales are the best.
6) Nothing says holiday like a Starbucks'cup.
7) Casio gold watch given to me by my cousin for Christmas that I've been obsessing about.
8) My Sophie with her new hair for the new year.

Happy New Year! 6 days later... and currently going through post-holiday blues. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's a new year. 2011 went by in a breeze. I spent New Year's Eve with my family eating, taking pictures, eating, eating, and so on. There's never any dull moments when I'm with my cousins, we always have the best time sharing stories and laughing. It's safe to say that we've started the year off right. I will truly miss 2011 but I can't wait to see what's in store for 2012.
xx Denise

Photos taken via Instagram (@denisedanielle)


yiqin; said... [Reply]

im starting school soon booo

i-am-the-elf said... [Reply]

Hello & Happy new year! :) I totally agree.. I've had to be back at school this week and it's a shame things have to go back to normal. And that watch looks amazing! xx

Vina Yabut said... [Reply]

I just ate my dinner but this post made me hungry!:p

Mix Supetran said... [Reply]

I love your posts!!!!

Do check out mine and comment :]

MUCH LOVE, mixsupetran!

Natalie said... [Reply]

Whoa that feast looks AMAZING! YUM! Happy new year :) x

Natalie | Just a Thought

Jen Semilla said... [Reply]

Yummy food! Plus i love your casio!

Deanna said... [Reply]

Lovely pictures! Your dog looks so so cute in her little sweater.
Le Bibliotheque

Babe Jane said... [Reply]

Lovely pictures :)

Cat said... [Reply]

Once again, gorge pics, Denise! x Making me super hungry! I LOVE the cross earrings!!!!

♥ Cat

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Mónica said... [Reply]

hola! no conocia tu blog! me gusta =)
besitos !!

mariska said... [Reply]

the pictures really make me hungry!!!


Alessandra Mazzini said... [Reply]

That table looks so good!

GUCCISIMA said... [Reply]

Wooooow! Your blog is really funny! I like it!
Follow u! Come and visit my blog if you want!!

2minutos said... [Reply]

Happy new year pretty girl!!
Yummyyyyy, great pics!


Ulla ♥ said... [Reply]

Like your pictures and blog :D
I follow you, visit my blog!

Pratishtha Durga said... [Reply]

Love the pictures. Waiting for more posts from you soon.