Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yaffa Café

It's April and I'm finally back! I've been such a bad "blogger", it's been months since my last post (3 months to be exact) and I have no excuses. But... Spring Break officially begins today in New York so I thought it'd be the perfect time to start blogging again. Spring is my absolute favorite season and I'm so relief it's finally here because Winter weather was starting to make me like shit.

About three weeks ago my sister, mom, and I celebrated my 18th birthday with a little girl's day out in the city. We ate at my favorite restaurant/café in St. Marks called Yaffa Café. It's my favorite because they make their food with the healthiest of middle-eastern ingredients and because of its one-of-a-kind interior/exterior. In the Winter or colder days you can eat inside amid rock'n'roll gypsy decos or in the Summer or warmer days you can eat outside (a mini garden) amid natural trees and plants.
I'm in love with the decorations. It is on point from the inside out.
The food is healthy, generous, modestly priced and delicious. They have lots to offer for vegetarians, vegan, and "dieters".
My mom and sister.
Yaffa Salad

I'm not a salad person, I don't typically order them, but this is the best salad I've ever had. It's made with Tomato, Romaine, Cucumber, Carrots & Alfalfa Sprouts topped with Yaffa Carrot Dressing. The dressing is perfection. And it's served with the most delicious french garlic bread (I'm not exaggerating), we loved it so much we asked for more.
Shrimp Yaffa Spinach Fettucini
This what I ordered and it's what I come back to Yaffa for. It's spinach pasta with white wine sauce, brocolli, mushrooms, and shrimp (pescatarian and still going strong, I haven't eaten meat for six months).
"Kitschy, eclectic, one-of-a- kind, exquisitely lit room"
Yaffa Café is pretty high up on my lists of favorite places. The menu at Yaffa is modestly priced and healthy which is hard to find in New York City and anywhere else for that matter, the decorations are just a bonus. It's located in East Village, one of the chillest neighborhood in New York City. I'd eat here everyday if I could. Oh and we had dessert at a nearby dessert bar but that's a whole 'nother post of its own.
xx Denise


Kat said... [Reply]

this resturant looks sooo cool!!!!! the decoration is really unique :D and the food looks sooo good :D

kiz said... [Reply]

the place looks amazingly unique and the food looks delicious! :D


Alessandra Mazzini said... [Reply]

You made me get hungry!

loveherb said... [Reply]

cool cafe, nice girls)))

Mikimoto Angel said... [Reply]

What a nice place for a hearty meal. That shrimp pasta looks so delicious! :-)

Caro * said... [Reply]

Beautiful place ;)