Saturday, December 31, 2011

Natural High

My cousins Pat and Paulina are visiting from Canada to spend the holidays with us here in NYC. On Friday my other cousin Abbie, my sister Dana, and I, showed Pat around the city. We went to The High Line in Chelsea. The High Line is absolutely beautiful. It's a railroad turned park. It's nothing like I've ever seen. It's the perfect place to read, eat, and chill. Afterwards we had lunch at Chipotle and dessert at 16 Handles on the Upper West Side. And OMG! Where do I even begin with 16 Handles. It deserves its own post so I'll be blogging about it later.
xx Denise


Kat said... [Reply]

love your jacket! :D
happy new years! ^-^

i-am-the-elf said... [Reply]

Hiya :) These pictures are really great the places you visited were very picturesque. I've always wanted to go New York, you're very lucky! Happy new year xx

Erika Buenafe said... [Reply]

I rarely leave comments on blogs. I think this is just the 3rd time I'll be doing so because I really love your blog! :) Read your "about me" and can I just say, I think you have a pretty exciting life living there in NY. Haha! Love the quality of your photos. Love the contents (FOOD!). Love the layout, so easy to browse and read. Keep it up! Followed you! ;)

in Aie's shoes said... [Reply]

Nice blog! Followed you! =)

Cat said... [Reply]

Really beautiful pics, Denise! :) We share the same name! x

I would love to vist NYC again. :)

♥ Cat

Ashley Isaacs said... [Reply]

You and your friends are so cute, I love the highline too......are we following each other yet......cause I think we should and I am............xx

Jenine S. said... [Reply]

Nice blog! Followed you! =)

Miška said... [Reply]

I like your blog :)
and very nice pictures <3

Cathy said... [Reply]

Cute jacket! It looks very warm. (:
Check out my blog?

Vina Yabut said... [Reply]

Nice photos! Followed you! :)

Ulia Ali said... [Reply]

Love the pictures :) Thanks for sharing! :*

QUEENIE G. said... [Reply]
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QUEENIE G. said... [Reply]

It looks like you’re having fun with your cousin in NYC. Suddenly I miss my cousins, I haven’t seen them for a year since I’m living here in manila and they from the other side of the country. Hopefully I could have those bonding time with my cousins too, soon.


LPFashionPhilosophy said... [Reply]

We adore your blog!! All the photos are seriously amazing! And, we looooove 16 Handles, it's one of our fave spots here in the city :)

Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

Caro * said... [Reply]

Fabulous post, you are beautiful :)