Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lady Liberty

[Scarf - Paco Rabanne, Coat - Anthropologie, Bag - Forever 21]

Went on a school trip to Ellis Island today. I was hesitant to go because I'm not fond of school trips. School tends to kill all things fun. I use to love museums until we had trips to museums where we were given assignments. But I have to admit today was quite fun. Above are photos of The Statue of Liberty and Battery Park. I've been to Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty before but I never appreciated it. When you live in New York, you tend to take all the things it has to offer for granted because it's just always there. But trips like these makes me realize how much I LOVE NY.
xx Denise


said... [Reply]

Great photos dear!

CheckMyFashion said... [Reply]

love looks so charming even in a cloudy day!

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Lia Waroka Putri said... [Reply]

The pics are so nice! have a great Friday ;) x

Alessandra Mazzini said... [Reply]

Nice!! I wanna go to NY!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I'd love to live there. :D

sara l said... [Reply]

lovely shots! great blog :):)

yiqin; said... [Reply]

i wanna try being on tjhose water taxis!

Kat said... [Reply]

lovely photos!!! haha i like the taxi boat! :D

Ice Pandora said... [Reply]

I've been to NY twice - miss the city so badly haha.... I miss China town lols
Anyway lovely photo's :)


Wonder Woman said... [Reply]

Beautiful photos. New York is definitely one of the best cities out there! :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

NY. Amazing city. I luv your coat;)

Pop Champagne said... [Reply]

cute photos! I've never been there before but yaa I lovee NY! looks like you had fun despite it being a school trip (totally know what you mean by school makes everything not fun!)

JelenaR said... [Reply]

Wow,fantastic pictures,nice!<3

jenny said... [Reply]

amazing scarf. i need one.

Bea Harpst said... [Reply]

I am reading your blog for a week now and I am astonished that you are everything I adore! Fashion, Food, Travel. OH! (but travel I cannot do, because of budget hahaha)