Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's no joke how much I love Japanese food so here goes another Japanese restaurant post. During Christmas Eve, my family and I headed to Midtown East (beside Lexington Ave.) to eat at one of our favorite resto, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ. It's not just another Japanese restaurant with the usual Sushi and Tempura. Gyu-Kaku allows you to be your own chef where you BBQ/grill your own food on a gas briquette burner in front of you.
I LOVE the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant. The decor is modern with dark wood and everyone is seated at booths (thumbs up for privacy). I love the low lighting and the view of city buildings.
Gas briquette burner

The service was fast and efficient. The servers constantly replaced the grill and consistently came back to ask if everything was okay. The food was delicious! The portions aren't that expensive but they're small so you'd need to order more. My family ordered various of meat and I ordered salmon and shrimp.
Uncooked Kobe Kalbi Beef

Cooked Kobe Kalbi Beef

Hot Oil Seared Salmon in Citrus Sauce

Everything was perfect. Just remember to keep track of what you're cooking or you'll end up with burnt food haha and don't forget to leave some room for dessert. Their dessert menu is amazing! They have smores (where you also make yourself on the gas briquette burner), sorbet, ice cream, and more. I ordered Green Tea ice cream and it was perfect.
Green Tea ice cream

I recommend everyone to go to a Gyu-Kaku or other restaurants where you can be your own chef. It's a guaranteed fun experience. Especially if you're looking for a place to show some off-towners or if you're looking for a venue for a special occasion/event.
xx Denise


Kat said... [Reply]

everything looks sooo yummy!!! i want green tea ice cream now! :D


Wida said... [Reply]

It looks so freaking amazing. Sooo hungry now!

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Vina Yabut said... [Reply]

Hello! Thanks for dropping by my site. These jap food looks so delish!! And, wow you live in New York. It has always been a part of my dream to be able to go there someday. :)

P.S. I followed you :)


Peiyinn said... [Reply]

The food there look so yummy! I haven't try Japanese BBQ before! :)

Ashley Isaacs said... [Reply]

I've been meaning to check this place out.......thanks......xx


briannelee said... [Reply]

Everything looks so good! I love green tea ice cream so much!

QUEENIE G. said... [Reply]

It’s a new and exciting thing that other restaurants offer and involve you in making your own food because it is more worth it and enjoyable.